GIS-based Virtual Field Area

Emily Mercurio, w/ University of Pittsburgh*

Sveifluháls, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland


As a doctoral student in Geology at the University of Pittsburgh, Emily traveled to Iceland for three summers to collect geologic field data. Because field seasons are limited by climatic conditions, Emily developed a 65 km2 “virtual” field area using LiDAR elevation data, aerial orthophotos, and field photography to construct a 3D GIS model upon which geologic data were incorporated and analyzed. From this model, topographic transects were developed and annotated to better visualize bedding dip and lithofacies changes of formerly ice-confined volcanic fissure eruptions.

* This project was undertaken by CivicMapper team member Emily Mercurio, w/ University of Pittsburgh. Images and content are the rights of their respective owners.