CivicMapper provides modern geospatial technology solutions for solving problems in the natural and built environments.

We are an agile team of geospatial technology experts who develop geospatial data, build web-based analysis tools, and create spatially enabled software for decision makers on the front lines of climate, infrastructure, environmental, and mobility issues.

We offer expertise in:

Geospatial Data

Geospatial Analysis and Modeling

Web Map Application Development

Geospatial IT Strategy & Enterprise GIS

Remote Sensing and UAS Support


CivicMapper applies and develops location-based technologies for projects concerning the natural and built environments. Our team's project experience encompasses the full spectrum of geospatial: everything from paper map cartography to serverless application architecture.


CivicMapper helps our customers better understand, address, and implement solutions through the use and development of geodata and geospatial technology.

How We Help

Geospatial Data

CivicMapper makes geospatial and earth science data more accessible and usable for visualization and decision making. We create, curate, and modernize any kind of geospatial data, regardless of vintage or origin. We also build data processing and delivery pipelines and APIs to ensure that data can be deployed efficiently, sustainably, and on any platform. Our skilled staff specialize in all levels of geospatial data development and accuracy assessment. From legacy GIS databases to drone imagery to HD mapping data, CivicMapper can handle data projects of any size and scope.

Geospatial Analysis and Modeling

CivicMapper bring decades of geospatial data analysis experience to help bring new insights and intelligence to client projects. We are experts in both raster and vector data analyses and in creating derivative data sets that integrate seamlessly into your operations and technology stack. CivicMapper’s data development and analysis work is always accompanied with metadata to ensure clarity and process transparency.

Web Map Application Development

CivicMapper takes geospatial data and gives them a life through spatial-based Internet applications and intuitive user interfaces. We excel in the creation of innovative web-deployable map applications for both public outreach and internal-facing business processes. Our specialized skills in geospatial coding and scripting helps our clients increase impact, expand user engagement, and maximize data assets.

Geospatial IT Strategy & Enterprise GIS

Whether you are scaling your geospatial capacity or starting a GIS team from scratch, CivicMapper is your go-to provider of Enterprise GIS support and systems analysis at any stage. Our staff have decades of experience in helping businesses, governments, and non-profits maximize their GIS return on investment. We have helped many clients strategize, plan, and implement Enterprise-level GIS deployments with both proprietary and open-source technology, and are available for continuing support for as long as it is needed.

Remote Sensing and UAS Support

Our team of experts are highly skilled in map development and data creation from satellites and from both manned aircraft and unmanned aerial systems. We help companies and organizations develop their drone programs and guide them through the process of data collection, processing and delivery. CivicMapper brings many years of experience in working with LiDAR systems and imaging sensors, and continues to build expertise in emerging technologies like mobile LiDAR and image capture. Whether you require land cover mapping, elevation modeling, drone data services, or HD mapping of assets, we have you covered.

Who We Help

We help clients in numerous sectors use geospatial data and technology effectively.


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Our team's professional and academic experience using GIS helps us to bridge the gap between the specialized world of GIS and your need to leverage geospatial technology to develop real-world solutions.

Emily Constantine Mercurio PhD, PG

President / CEO

As President and CEO of CivicMapper, Emily draws upon more than 20 years of experience as a leader in GIS and mapping projects for a broad range of application areas. She is particularly interested in the use of geospatial technologies and spatial-based information management for projects in wastewater, stormwater, aging infrastructure, and environmental monitoring.

Christian Gass MCP


Christian, VP and COO of CivicMapper, is a planner and urban designer with strong experience using GIS for the mapping, analysis, and visualization of environment, infrastructure, and urban development. With CivicMapper, he leads software and web development, creating web mapping and geospatial analysis tools that draw on his practical experience working in planning and design for the public and private sector.

Matt Mercurio GISP


Matt’s 20-year career as a GIS professional at non-profits and in local government has attuned him to the critical needs of small organizations. At CivicMapper, Matt handles business development and R&D, leading the company to continually find and push the boundaries of geospatial technology applications.

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